Managed IT Service

Today, you rely on your computer to communicate, analyze, manage, strategize and perform billable services. So what happens when your computer or network goes down?
Computers are so advanced that they don’t have the same problem as other machines. The computer network is a collection of complex machines and software, communicating simultaneously perform trillions of calculations, using hundreds of parts and wires, and under constant assault by viruses and spyware and their own users. Because of these and other factors (mostly human), your computers require regular computer service maintenance to keep the big problems away and maintain optimal performance.
- Monthly Computer Health Check
- Server Maintenance
- Server Monitoring
- Workstation Maintenance
- Microsoft Windows Security Update
- Daily Data Backup
- Network Planning
- Network Assessment
- Windows Server Maintenance
- Linux Server Maintenance
- Network Peripheral Maintenance
- Windows Server Administration
- Linux Server Administration
- Mail Server Administration


System Integration
- Windows servers implementation and migration
- Virtual system and infrastructure
- Vmware virtual infrastructure design and implementation
- Dell SAN (Storage Area Network)
- Disaster Recovery solution
- Vmware SRM, Novell PlateSpin Forge
- Email servers (Windows Exchange, Linux Emails, Lotus Notes) implementation and migration
- Online data backup service
- Client system and software implementation and migration


Surveillance System
Surveillance System is a new technology for fix location remote monitoring and image recordings.
IP Surveillance System
The need for IP Surveillance system has been expanding rapidly and widely adopted throughout public and commercial sectors such as government, retail shops, manufacturing and multiple offices with different sites. Unlike traditional CCTV, IP Surveillance system provides a centralized management and watermark recording function by simply connecting an IP camera to a network and allows users to log-in and access and monitor via web browser or 3G anywhere anytime.
CCTV Surveillance System
- IP Surveillance Services
- Play back captured video by searching keyword or bill number and monitor daily cash flow
- Check everyday traffic with different kinds of analytical reports
- Event trigger alert


Corporate Relocation Planning
- Network System Migration and Planning
- Audio Video System Migration and Setup
- Telephone System Migration and Setup
- Internet Connection Service
- Computer Relocation
- Cabling System